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Itzhak Perlman Issue

Itzhak Perlman Issue
'Born This Way' — The Cast: A&E’s Reality Series
China — Art Sets Us Free
Itzhak Perlman — Interview
Loreen Arbus — Fighting for the Marginalized
Chris Fonseca — Comedy

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Chris Wood Issue Chris Wood Issue
Zach Anner — Pedestal of Prejudice
China — Seven Armless Scholars
Chris Wood — Interview
ILSE — Music from the Heart
JAN — Equal Standards
Chyler Leighissue

Chyler Leigh Issue
Seth Maxwell — Thirst Project
China — Shuilin Peng’s Stinky Tofu
Chyler Leigh — Interview
KMR — Talent Agency of the Stars
DOL — Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu

Kevin Nealon Issue Kevin Nealon Issue
HOP! — Muppets Changing Attitudes
Liu Fusheng — Living Large with Tourettes
Norman Lear — Part II In the Moment
Kevin Nealon — A Golfing for Cancer
Mark Povinelli — Naked Ambition
Ray Romano issue

Ray Romano Issue
Hans — Museum of the Mind
China — Love & Albinism
Ray Romano — Cancer and 70’s Music
Long Haul Paul — At Least I Wasn’t Rat Food
Yosemite — Bear Necessities

Ed Asner Issue Ed Asner Issue
Temple Grandin: James Durbin: Rock Idol
China’s — Boxer with CP
Jenni-Juulia — Finland’s Naked Truth
Attitude Live — Progressive New Zealand
Ed Asner — Chewin’ Avocados
W4A — Neil Soiffer, Volker Sorge, Sharif
Norman Lear Issue

Norman Lear Issue
Nancy Villere — Art, Laughs, Peep Show
Sesame Enable — "Touch is Overrated"
Norman Lear — Even This I Get to Experience
Dani Bowman — Animation Station
China's — Chen Zhou

Max Gail Issue Max Gail Issue
Lia — Music & Laughter
China — Poetry
George Carlin — (ARCHIVE Files)
Armenia — A University of Change
Max Gail — Takes the Lead

Comcast, CSUN — (Video)
Ashley Fiolek — Time to Teach
Avril Lavigne Issue

Avril Lavigne Issue
Danny Woodburn — A Happyish Guy
China’s — Hou Bin
Chris Hendricks — Music to my Ears
Tippi Hedren — Birds, Tigers, Lions, Oh My!
Avril Lavigne — Fly High with Special Olympics
Special Olympics — Karl from South Africa and Mati from Israel

Austin Basis/Tom Harkin Issue Austin Basis/Tom Harkin Issue
Janet LaBreck — Modern Day Commissioner
China — Weihong Li
Senator Tom Harkin — HIS Legacy, OUR Equal Rights
Austin Basis — CW's Beauty & the Beast
Special Olympics — Patrick McClenahan Leads
Laura Dern Issue

Laura Dern Issue Issue
Costa Rica — Vice President Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría
China — School for Everyone
Richard Pryor — MS on Fire (The ARCHIVE Files)
Lyme Disease — An Artist and Her Sparkle
Laura Dern — WILD & Enlightened
Mammogram — The breast things in life...

Jennifer Esposito Issue Jennifer Esposito Issue
Lily Bandak — A Clear Focus
China — A Life of Nuclear Proportions
3D — Printing with Purpose
Jennifer Esposito — #Celiac
EARN — Defining Disability
Special Olympics — Health Training
Jamie Brewer American Horror Story issue

Jamie Brewer American Horror Story Issue
Golf — One Arm Pro
China — A Fine Line: ART
Marriott — Bridges
Jamie Brewer — American Horror Story
Balancing Life, Work and Disability
Special Olympics — Leaders

Gary Busey Issue Gary Busey Issue
Nao — Robot for Education
China — Art Project
Gary Busey — Life’s Apprentice
Billy Mclaughlin Music — Focal Dystonia
EARN — Internships & Mentoring
Rings — Born to Act
Stevie Wonder Issue Stevie Wonder Issue
Shayne — Meningococcal Septicemia
China — Love of Music
VOICEYE — Accessible Code
Stevie Wonder — Isn’t He Lovely?
EARN — Statistics
Japan — Aging is Changing a Country

Loni Anderson Issue Loni Anderson Issue
Jack Eyers — Modeling his Way!
China’s — Ye Tingfang
Magical Meeting — Drs. Scott and Wiener
Excerpt — Human Rights
Loni Anderson — Caring for You
Twins — Sisters and Lupus
Special Olympics Shriver

Special Olympics Shriver Issue
Sheikha Fatima — Rehab in Hebron
China — Hearing Beauty
Mount Le Conte — To the Top!
America — Got Landau!
Timothy Shriver — Special Olympics
Work — EARN Inclusion
Dr. Svendsen — Brilliant Neurology

Scott Baio Scott Baio Issue
Eva Feldman, MD, PhD — ALS and Stem Cell Therapy
FREEJ — Grandmothers Rule
China — A Coach with Passion
Governor Markell — Blueprint to Employment
Models of Diversity — Embrace it!
Scott Baio — Interview
Andrea Bocelli Issue

Andrea Bocelli Issue
Andrea Bocelli — Singing to the Top
John Williams — What Else You Got?
China’s Mao Di — Clap Happy
John A. Gardner PhD — His ViewPlus More
Shereen Alnowais — Corporate Social Responsibility
Ballet — The Art of Sassoon

Amy Brenneman Amy Brenneman Issue
Charles Limb, MD — Jazzology & Your Brain
CSUN — This is Your Future
Amy Brenneman — Chiming In
HE Fahed Bin Al Shaikh — Autism in the UAE
China — Dad
Kendall Hollinger — Allergies on Ice
Andy Andy Madadian Issue
Derek Paravicini — He’s Got the Keys to the World
Sharjah’s — Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi
China — Wang Kun Overcoming Obstacles for Art
ANDY — Music + Charity = Millions of Fans
QJMC — Team Quincy Jones Spreading Music’s Roots
Morgan’s Wonderland — An Accessible Fun-der-land
Accountability — Employing People with Disabilities
Curt Yeager Kurt Yeager Issue
Rick Howland — His Lost Girl Fantasy
China Art Exchange — and Mao Yu-yan
The Sessions — The 38-Year-Old Virgin
Kurt Yaeger — ‘Son of Anarchy’
Philippe Croizon — Quadruple Amputee Swims Four Straits
William H Macy

William H Macy Issue
My Brother — My Secret
Haitian Leader — Changing Attitudes on Disability
Children’s Book — by Dr. Doti
William H Macy — Enjoying This Stage of His Life
China — Puppeteer With a Purpose

Push Girls Issue Push Girls Issue
Billie Jean King — Bouncing Back

ABILITY Award — Accenture and Prudential
China — Exposing the World
Push Girls — Living Large
John Williams — He’s the Man
Joint Replacement — Hard as a Bone
Joe Mantegna Joe Mantegna Issue
Charlie Kimball — Racing Against Diabetes

Road Trip — MS Changes a Biker’s Course
Chinese Art — Raw Beauty of the Innocents
Joe Mantegna — When Life Flips the Script
United Nations — Accessiblity and Assistive Technology
Humor — All in the Family
Geri Jewell Issue Geri Jewell Issue
CHIME — Charter School with a Thinking Cap On
Libya — Cleaning Up Explosive Remnants of War
China — ABILITY and China Press Join Forces
Accesible Taxis — Several Cities Get New Wheels
Geri Jewell — The Cracks of Life
Heart Care — Expert Advice From a Surgeon
Joey Pants

Joey Pants l Issue
Equine Therapy — Horses Help Vets to Heal

Joe Pantoliano — He Puts the ‘Fun’ in Dysfunctional
China — A Teacher Who Moves Mountains
Saudi Arabia — A Princess Seeks a World of Change
Derek Amato — He Sees Music
Humor — Adulthood is Overrated
George Covington — The Thing About Getting Old

Hope Dworacyzk Issue Hope Dworacyzk Issue
Qatar — The Fifth International Shafallah Forum
Haiti — Rebuilding After the Quake
Hope Dworacyzk — An Eclectic Career
Patricia Shiu — Holding Contractors to a Higher Standard
Documentary — Traveling the World on Two Wheels
Book Excerpts — How Do You Use Your Body?
John C. McGiney John C. McGinley Issue
Kessler Foundation — Research That Gets People Moving
John C. McGinley — Expanding His Role
John Sie — And the Global Down Team
Food Deserts — Activists Help Communities Get Good Food
Ashley Fiolek — Befriends Noora, an Iranian Racer

Raketu — Cool Apps for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Quincy Jones Quincy Jones Issue
Susanne Bruyère, PhD — Creating Possibilities at Cornell

Virginia Jacko, CEO — Blind Visionary
Quincy Jones — Renaissance Man and More
Michelle Sie Whitten — Things Are Looking Up
Still Swinging — An Inside Look at Adaptive Golf
Workout DVD — First You Get Off the Couch
Katie Leclerc Katie Leclerc Issue
Mercy Ships — Healers on the High Seas
Silver Scorpion — New Breed of Superhero
Katie Leclerc — ABC Family Star and Ménière’s Disease
Paralympic Sailing — Harnessing the Wind
Funny Business — Sue Z. Hart
Lasik Surgery — The Eyes Have It

Howie Mandel Cover Howie Mandel Issue
Howie Mandel — Interview
Hamill — Bodyslamming a Theater Near You
Cerebral Palsy — The Power of Play
Zambia — Advocates for African Children’s Rights
Senator Harkin — Where Are the Jobs?
Recipes — Tasty, Cancer-Fighting Dishes
Bob Saget Cover Bob Sagat Issue
Bob Saget — Interview
AJ Green — The Wish That Made a Star
Ashley’s Column — Spring in My Step
Greg Mortenson — Schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Zach Anner — Oprah’s Globetrotter
Senator Harkin — Advancing the Civil Rights Movement
Dyspraxia — Real Emotions

Kathy Ireland Issue
Kathy Ireland — Interview

Blind Fishing Boat — New Fishermen Take the Bait

Yahoo — Expanding the Digital Highway

Heart Transplant — An Uncommon Cardiac Connection

Sean Forbes —Not Hard To Hear

ABILITY Best Practices Award — Sprint

Gunshot Wounds — Bullet Points

Alfred Molina Alfred Molina Issue
Alfred Molina — Interview
Love Simple — Lights! Camera!...Lupus?
Malcolm Smith — A Ride Down Memory Lane
Creative Arts Festival — Veterans with Artistic Vision
Amputee Recovery — From the Middle East to Haiti
Lachi — A Voice in the Darkness

Acupuncture — Ancient Chinese Secret, Revealed!
Greg-Louganis Greg Louganis Issue
Greg Louganis— Interview
The Pearls - My Deafness
Adaptive Action Sports - Amy Purdy
X-Games- Adaptive Sports

Toby Forrest with the Band Cityzen
Renne Gardner ó Running With My Son
Healthy Hoops — Take Your Best Shot

Daryl Chill Mitchell Issue Daryl Chill Mitchell Issue
Daryl "Chill" Mitchell — Interview
Alicia Rojas — Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman
Timothy & Anthony Shriver — Eunice’s Legacy
Anthem Blue Cross — The Patient Safety First Project
Spinal Cord Injury — Stem Cell Research Gaining Ground
Itís Our Story — A New Chapter in Disability Representation
Humor — Laziness is the Key to

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