ABILITY Magazine Best Practices Awards - Shell and Morgan Stanley

ABILITY Magazine Best Practices Awards - Shell, Morgan Stanley
In our continued effort to recognize corporations that share in the core philosophies that drive this publication, ABILITY Magazine is pleased to single out two businesses that show a high dedication to inclusion of people with disabilities as both clients and employees. With this issue, we bestow our Best Practices Award on two giants in their respective fields who demonstrate that big business need not overlook the ability of the individual.

Morgan Stanley

Best Paractice award
As a leading global financial services firm, Morgan Stanley has distinguished itself by seeking out and creating rewarding employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The company also ensures that those same individuals have equal opportunity to take advantage of Morgan Stanley’s considerable financial expertise. Each of Morgan Stanley’s financial products are made available to people with speech or hearing difficulties, and the company also provides a Telecommunications Relay Service by which to communicate with clients who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Morgan Stanley has supported a wide array of disability-oriented organizations, including the Center for Disability Services, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and the March of Dimes. Its continued efforts to increase opportunity and inclusion for people with disabilities have helped to set this celebrated firm apart from its competition in our diverse corporate marketplace.

Best Paractice award
A widely-recognized and far-reaching group of petrochemical companies, Shell has created opportunities for people with disabilities by way of its Shell/Island Jaycees Scholarship for the Disabled. Established in 1981, the scholarship has benefited schools, parents and students by motivating people with disabilities to reach their fullest potential and break social barriers. The company also bestows an annual Outstanding Disabled Student Scholarship Award and a Best Progress Award to students with disabilities who demonstrate extraordinary academic progress.

At its Malaysia branch, Shell recently unveiled a corporate calendar which features artwork by twenty-three children from the Dyslexia Association of Malaysia. The artistic creations were developed under the guidance of renowned Malaysian artist Yusof Gajah and are intended to convey messages of harmony. The works of art will be auctioned off to highest bidders among Shell employees, in an effort to raise funds for the Dyslexic Association of Malaysia. Shell has also launched Project Awaz that provides employment opportunities for deaf adults at Shell stations throughout Karachi. Through such efforts, Shell continues to demonstrate its unique dedication to the rights and potential of people with a variety of disabilities.

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June/July 2010

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Morgan Stanley Photo by Nancy Villere