ABILITY Magazine - Special Olympics Shriver Issue

Special Olympics Shriver Issue

Excerpts from the Special Olympics Shriver Issue Feb/Mar 2014:

Sheikha Fatima — Rehab in Hebron

China — Hearing Beauty

Mount Le Conte — To the Top!

America — Got Landau!

Timothy Shriver — Special Olympics

Work — EARN Inclusion

Dr. Svendsen — Brilliant Neurology

Articles in the Special Olympics Shriver Issue; Senator Harkin—Make a Commitment; Ashley Fiolek—Lights, Camera, Actress!; Humor—Slam into the Cockpit; Geri Jewell—Cookie Monster!; Long Haul Paul—Nuthin' to See Here; Dr. Tomaino—Music & Movies; Sheikha Fatima—Rehab in Hebron; Mount Le Conte—To the Top!; Dr. Svendsen—Brilliant Neurology; America—Got Landau!; China—Hearing Beauty; Timothy Shriver—Special Olympics; Spineto—Calculated Sailing; Vet Owned—Mark Ellson; Work—EARN Inclusion; ABILITY's Crossword Puzzle; Events and Conferences... subscribe

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