Geri Jewell

With the bans on single plastic bag use in the grocery stores, it will also become illegal in other states. Why such a drastic measure on the use of plastic bags? It is all in the name of saving the environment, eco-friendly and forcing us to use the easier recyclable (15 cents each) paper bag or the reusable $1.00 bags the stores offer us to bring back with us every time we grocery shop.

Why are so many people so cranky and upset over this change that is helping our planet to survive and allowing safer waters for our under water friends? The number one reason is simply because we hate change; especially when we have been doing something one way for a long period of time. The second reason is because we resent having to pay 15 cents for paper, or a dollar for the reusable eco-friendly bags.

But let’s be honest, there are yet other reasons that we are irked by this change. Reasons that we may not care to admit except to our therapist, our hairdresser, or the bartender. It is upsetting that we will no longer be able to have our little plastic bags available to toss out the cat litter, toss out dog poop, or line that little wastebasket in the bathroom. Truthfully, these also have alternative answers to….BUT there is even another reason we hate the change.

It is because when we do pay the dollar for the reusable bags the stores offer us; nine out of ten times we forget to bring them into the store with us when we go shopping, so we end up buying more $1.00 bags than we really need. Before we know it, we have enough recyclable bags to fill a Mini Cooper! So, we have got to start being creative in how to use these bags so that we can stop being such babies over it.

Here are a few things I have thought of for their use, and I will share my secrets with you for no charge at all because I’m tired of all the griping and crying from “plastic bag dependents”. First, they’re great for carry-on items when flying, trick or treat bags on Halloween, shoe storage in small closets, even gift bags for holidays and birthdays. Okay, they’re not as fancy - but we can decorate them for any occasion, and people will think it was “thoughtful” that we cared enough to give them an eco-friendly grocery bag, opposed to using paper that took the life of a tree. They are also useful to make doll clothes, and fabulous for moving!

However, there is still the issue of forgetting the bags before going and entering the store, and we end up buying yet another bag! Good habits have to be formed, and once repeated enough they become second nature. Simply put a post-it on the dashboard saying: DON’T FORGET THE REUSABLE BAGS! If you still forget them, then tell the cashier that you would like the groceries to be put in your shopping cart without any bags, that you have bags in the car. They cannot refuse, because you paid for the groceries, and have a receipt. So stop whining, and stop making your bags emotional “baggage”. Get smart, get creative, and bag the bad attitude.

by Geri Jewell

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