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Conversations with America
International Disability Rights

Judith Heumann, Special Advisor for International Disability Rights, held a conversation with David Morrissey, Executive Director of the United States International Council on Disabilities, on U.S. efforts to promote disability rights around the globe. The discussion was moderated by Cheryl Benton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Public Affairs. The event was streamed live on DipNote, the Department of State’s official blog.

The video and transcripts will be available soon. To check to see if it has posted, CLICK HERE.

This is the tenth in the Conversations with America video series coordinated by the Bureau of Public Affairs, in which the State Department’s senior leadership hosts conversations live, online, with leaders of prominent non-governmental organizations. Discussion topics include foreign policy and global issues and provide a candid view of how leaders from civil society engage the Department on pressing foreign policy issues.

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